Julian Studio accepts major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. We also provide the layaway payment plan for your convenience. You can also contact us if you need other financing and payment option.

Layaway Payment Plans

With the Layaway Payment Plan option, you will be able to make smaller payments on the ring(s) you love until the order is paid in full. Once the order is paid in full, we will ship the order out to you. The main benefit of this Layaway Payment Plan is you can secure the item you love now and split up the total order amount into a few smaller payments (no credit check and no interest will be charged).

How Layaway Payment Plan Works?

1.  Pick the ring(s) you love and contact us to set up your Layaway Payment Plan.

2.  The Layaway Payment Plan can be a weekly or monthly payment plan(better finish the payment within 3 months) with a minimum of $200 or more per payment. The payment amount can be adjusted at anytime if you are able to and would like to pay more.

3.  After we set up your Layaway Payment Plan, you will receive the payment listing links from us. Each payment can be paid directly via our website.

4.  Once the full payment is made, your item will be shipped out.