About Us


"I cannot think of a better business to be in than the jewelry business. We have the privilege and pleasure of sharing so many happy moments with each other and our guests. We are fortunate to be able to help our guests celebrate holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.), events (engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.) and just happy occasions to celebrate friendship or love."

Julian Jewelry specialized in the Jewelry business, is a company dealing with the purchase of diamonds, production, design and retailing of diamond Jewelry. Here we offer gold and diamond engagement rings, bands, earrings and necklace. We offer the most selections of semi-mounts/settings, wedding bands, engagement rings, gemstone rings. Custom make gold & diamond jewelry per your designs and specifications.


Julian Jewelers has revolutionized the way Jewelry buying is done. This concept empowers the customer and sets new standards for quality, education, and value. Julian Jewelers offers a online shopping experience that includes lifetime upgrade policies and money-back guarantees never before offered by jewelry retailers, which gives you total confidence in your purchase.

Julian Jewelers has successfully changed everything about how diamond jewelry is sold by offering greater value, more selection, and superior customer service. Julian’s mission is to empower consumers while making diamond purchasing the romantic and pleasant experience it should be.


Our existing assortment of exceptional engagement rings may be perfect for anyone, but perhaps you were looking for something more unique that was a custom jewelry designs. Allow us to bring your visions and dreams to life with our custom jewelry designs. Our Master Jewelers can create every single detail you want in your custom designed ring. Creating a custom ring is like creating a masterpiece of art from your thoughts and personal style. It’s your ring, so why not build it to your specifications?

The inspiration for our shop designs come from a wide range of interests. A love of the history of art and design, the ever-changing moods of nature, and the experiences of our collective travels are a big influence on the details and materials of every item in our shop. We constantly challenge ourselves to design unique styles and are committed to using conflict-free diamonds as well as recycled and ethically sourced materials.


We particularly enjoy working on custom designs with customers. From the initial design to production to finished product creates a great experience for myself and our customers. Our team is committed to craftsmanship and quality. From modern to classic, from bold to delicate, our jewelry will be treasured for a lifetime.